Our Team is Here to Help Your Team Be Successful


Craft & Communicate is a full-service marketing and communications agency, specializing in web design and development, print and collateral design, content creation, branding, and logo design. We are experts at turning your abstract ideas into concrete concepts.

We’re based in Fort Worth, Texas. And Michigan, Mississippi, Florida, and even, Spain. We are experienced, thoughtful, hard-working, creative individuals who love working together to make the web a more beautiful place. Take a few minutes to get to know us before we get the opportunity to know you.




Rich Malloy

Owner & Strategy

Rich opened Craft & Communicate, LLC in 2016 after developing & designing websites since 2000. He’s created websites for various industries, Fortune 500 companies, and Mom & Pop businesses. Today, he takes this knowledge and his expertise in strategy to create brands and marketing developments for individuals & companies nationwide. Rich is an expert at applying business ideas to the real world, coming up with innovative campaigns for our clients, and helping them to achieve their business goals.

Ultimately, Rich will listen to your needs and encourage you to think outside the box when developing your brand and audience assessments. His strategic thinking is behind everything we do at Craft & Communicate. That asset will greatly enhance your business model.

When not developing strategy and unique marketing campaigns, Rich performs music in the D/FW area – on drums, marimba, and vibes. He’s performed drums live for over 20 years, both on national television and overseas, to stadiums and to small clubs. He now leaves the touring aside, but applies all of this experience in communication, listening, and performing to Craft & Communicate.


Jennifer Malloy

Owner & Client Relations

Jen opened Craft & Communicate with Rich in 2016 after leading marketing and creative teams for both huge corporations and small businesses since 2007. One of Jen’s first jobs was in sales, and there, she learned quickly the value of communication and client relations. Jen has always been a people person and loves diving in to learn about audience assessment, the psychology behind why people buy, and what makes customers loyal. Jen’s background is also in event planning, and those skills are used daily in managing and keeping track of our clients, their marketing goals, and the data behind marketing conversions. In addition, she directs much of our creative development, drawing out logos and assisting with brand elements with our design team.

Jen is the face of Craft & Communicate and is who you will be working with for the entirety of your account with us. You will never work with a sales person, account rep, or intern. This is how we ensure all of your needs are always at the top of our business model.

When not leading client relations, Jen teaches yoga throughout Fort Worth to adults, seniors, and children. Jen & Rich also perform together several times a year with various drum & yoga and marimba & yoga healing sound events. Jen’s passion is serving others, and you will feel that from the second you contact us.







The Most Important Part of any Company is the People.

  • We are honored to work with the best designers, developers, and marketers in this industry. We searched far and wide for this team of highly skilled contractors, analyzing thousands of applications, testing out small jobs, and carefully interviewing the team.
  • We do not take design and development lightly. Our team must be more advanced than we are in the areas they represent, and we could not be happier to have these four working with us.

Joe, Senior Designer

We have worked with Joe since 2011, and are consistently in awe of the designs he creates. Joe has been in the industry since 1992, serving as a Creative Director at various agencies, design shops, and publications, designing for both print and web. His degree is in Graphic Communications, and Joe has never stopped learning about art and design. Since he was a child, he’s enjoyed painting, and still spends much of his free time both drawing and painting.

When not working in art, Joe enjoys fishing, spending time outdoors, traveling, building scale models, and learning from DIY videos on YouTube.


David, Senior Developer

David came to Craft & Communicate with over 20 years experience in working on the web, including 10 years developing and extending WordPress powered websites. David’s passion for the web is driven by a desire to never stop learning, and he is always adopting and implementing new techniques, methods and processes for the goal of continuous improvement. David lives in Gulfport, Mississippi, now back in his hometown, to enjoy the beach life of the Gulf Coast.

When David is not coding, he is spending quality time with his family, playing his guitar, grilling out and enjoying craft beer. David is also a big fan of the New Orleans Saints, and all things New Orleans (we couldn’t agree more).


Cynthia, Content Specialist

Cynthia joined the Craft & Communicate team in 2017 as a trained journalist and copywriter with extensive experience in the lifestyle topics such as automotive, medical, health & wellness, fashion & beauty, travel, food, parenting, home design & architecture, consumer business & finance, and much more.

As a professional writer with years of experience in both consumer and B2B, Cynthia’s goal is to represent and write for her clients in their voice (but better) to establish them as industry thought leaders in all online and print mediums.

When not writing, Cynthia loves to spend her free time cooking, or if time permits, traveling to her home away from home among the nomads of the Sahara Desert. And yes, there’s 3G—even in the dunes of the Sahara.


Jordan, Marketing & Social Media Coordinator

Jordan handles many of our social media and various marketing needs, assisting with social posting, website updates, design, and more. She has spent several years in the design industry working primarily in advertising, marketing, and print media. During that time, she has focused more and more of her energy learning the ins and outs of social media marketing. Originally from Arkansas, Jordan has recently packed her bags and moved to sunny Orlando, Florida after accepting an internship with the Walt Disney Company. We are thrilled that she is still able to work with us part-time on social and marketing planning.

In her spare time, Jordan enjoys honing her design skills and cuddling with her cats.