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Mike Brock

Mike Brock is a counselor, life coach, and professor in Dallas, Texas. He came to us looking for a website, marketing flyers, and an identity set of business cards, letterhead, notecards and envelopes. In addition, he asked us to design and maintain his monthly email blasts and maintain the monthly updates to his website.

What We Did

  • Design and develop a new website to match his services and audience
  • Develop identity materials for his clients and workshop attendees
  • Develop flyers and marketing materials advertising his workshops and events
  • Design and establish his monthly email marketing program

How We Did It

Looking at Mike’s audience and his subject matter, we needed to create a softer, approachable yet educated and helpful website. Oftentimes in the counseling fields, websites are either very formal or very soft, and we wanted to make sure and create a balance here – so people could know instantly this is a trustworthy and dedicated person they can count on. We did this by:

  • Designing a new website set up in a CMS
  • Designed and printed his stationery materials and business cards
  • Designed and maintain his email marketing program
  • Although Mike’s site is set up in a CMS, he prefers to focus on his work and no technical items, so we update his blog monthly on his site




The folks at Craft & Communicate gave me all the time I needed to share my hopes and dreams for my counseling practice, then created a website and other marketing material that perfectly communicate the message I want my clients to receive. As a result, my business has increased dramatically. More important, I now know whom to call when I need to communicate a new direction or emphasis in my message.

— Mike Brock, Psy-D, LPC