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Your senior living collateral packet and brand identity is your chance to begin telling the story of how you help seniors live their most fulfilling lives. This is their take-a-way after they’ve visited 5 communities and heard everyone’s sales pitches. This is what they come back to, to read in the early morning when all their memories of the community tours start to blend together. This is your chance to help bring them back, to help explain why your community will help them live their best lives. What we write and design for you will help set you as their guide through this journey.

  • Logo creation
  • Senior living collateral packet
  • 3D floor plans
  • Amenities, services, program flyers and rate sheets
  • Electronic brochure
    Community trifold
  • Stationery and letterhead
Craft & Communicate | Branding collateral

In addition, we create everything you need to get a brand new senior living or newly acquired community off the ground:

  • Bus signage
  • Monument signage
  • Story boards
  • Grand opening or reveal marketing plan
  • Grand opening or reveal social media plan

We also have close relationships with uniform, name badge, promotional, and print vendors if recommendations are needed.

Experience  Simplified  Branding & Collateral Services.

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