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Craft & Communicate | Fifth Birthday candle

Celebrating Craft & Communicate’s Fifth Birthday

In 2016, Rich and I set out to begin to change the face of senior living advertising. After working in senior living for a decade, and working with various web design and digital agencies throughout that time, I knew that something different was needed. Something that focused on intense customer service. Something that truly understood

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Craft & Communicate | Team Photo

Craft & Communicate Celebrates Women’s History Month 2021

Our senior living marketing, advertising, and public relations agency is honoring the women who came before us for Women’s History Month Artists, writers, mathematicians, bloggers, mothers, and more. These are the titles of women who are inspirations to the Craft & Communicate team. In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8 as well as

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Madison at the Range | Man in Theatre

The Theatre of Marketing

I earned my BFA in theatre with an emphasis in acting and directing what seems like many moons ago. However, I’ve been working in marketing for seniors since 2010. Many people ask me what it ‘s like to make such a big jump from one field to another, but I honestly don’t think it’s been

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Craft & Communicate | Lauren's creativity

Creativity Is Unlimited

What is Creativity? Creativity offers a break from repetition. Often a group effort, it requires that we recognize opportunities for positive change, whether they are aesthetic, academic, professional, or relate to the broader culture of society. Where Imagination Meets Structure The Scientific Method Isn’t Just for Scientists Although creativity usually requires us to question

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Craft & Communicate | Creative Brain


My Creative Journey: The Ins and Outs Ah, creativity. A familiar friend that I can always count on… for the most part anyway. Do you remember what it’s like to be a child with the imagination that dreams up blasting into the galaxy with your duct-tape-cardboard spaceship? What about the pizzeria and all its fixings you

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