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Our Question to Baby Boomers About Retirement

As people, it’s easy for us to assume the details  about someone else. It is in our nature to fill in the blanks in our minds. We could have an idea of how someone feels or looks or dresses, but at the end of the day, we won’t really know until we ask and seek

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The Real Benefits of Mystery Shopping and Sales Training in Senior Living

Senior living sales folks have many tools at their disposal in today’s world. If mystery shopping, call metrics, or proper training aren’t under their belts, an opportunity to close on leads and gather more tour requests could be missed.  That’s why we asked our friends at Senior Source Consulting, a group specializing in sales, marketing and

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Why You Need a Privacy Policy for Your Website

Let’s talk about privacy policies on senior living websites. As dull as it may sound, privacy policies are important not only to companies who provide them but also to your consumers.  While it is federal law to provide a privacy policy on your senior housing site, it should be just as important to you the

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Who Can Afford Senior Living?

It is hard not to notice the civil rights movements and protests happening right now, here, in 2020. It’s a long overdue conversation, and more importantly, actual steps, that need to happen sooner rather than later to provide equality to all human beings regardless of their skin color.  Why does this matter to a senior

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Our Questions to Baby Boomers and Seniors During COVID-19

What are people aged 55-and-up thinking right now? While the world is reeling from COVID-19, we wanted to know how baby boomers and seniors are reacting to the ‘new normal’. We also asked them what they wished people really knew about being a senior adult.  Why are we asking senior adults these questions? Our agency

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Are Independent Living Leads Going Away?

If Independent Living is slipping, why are so many leads coming in? I’ve heard rumors and been on sales calls these past few weeks with senior living executives and I keep hearing over and over: we’re concerned the most about the impact on Independent Living from this pandemic. I thought it, too. Uh-oh: the face

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Senior Living Advertising

Was Your Senior Living Website Designed for Robots or People?

Are you building a website for robots or people? It is a thought-provoking question when you are in the early stages of planning a website, whether it is for your company, community, or both. A digital marketing team like Craft & Communicate is always thinking of the best results, such as your site’s responsiveness with

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Why You Need to Focus on Senior Living PR

Let’s talk about senior living and PR. But first, consider this: look at any TV news segment or article in the paper and you’ll likely find a ton of negative stories. As humans, it’s natural for negativity to have a strong impact on our minds. That is why news outlets continue to dig for the

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Senior Living Marketing

A Time to Give Thanks in Senior Living

I’ve worked in senior living for over 13 years, and what I love the most about this industry is the sense of community that senior living offers. Walk into any senior living community across the U.S. and you’ll discover a unique culture with a unique assortment of people and a strong sense of community. It

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46 Days.

46 days. That’s how many are left in 2019.  I didn’t want to end this year without sharing my personal views of success with my senior living marketing team, and I decided to extend that to our entire office today.  We’re in a co-working office in Fort Worth. There are about 10 companies based out of

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