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Seniors Keeping Busy with Out-of-the-Box Activities

It’s not all puzzles and cards for seniors. Sometimes it’s gaming and drums!  Yep, that’s right! If you have not seen Shirley Curry create her own worlds in Skyrim or Dorothea Taylor effortlessly playing Slipknot’s ‘Down with the Sickness’, do yourself a favor and give them both a watch. These two ladies remind us that

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Our Question to Baby Boomers About Retirement

As people, it’s easy for us to assume the details  about someone else. It is in our nature to fill in the blanks in our minds. We could have an idea of how someone feels or looks or dresses, but at the end of the day, we won’t really know until we ask and seek

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The Real Benefits of Mystery Shopping and Sales Training in Senior Living

Senior living sales folks have many tools at their disposal in today’s world. If mystery shopping, call metrics, or proper training aren’t under their belts, an opportunity to close on leads and gather more tour requests could be missed.  That’s why we asked our friends at Senior Source Consulting, a group specializing in sales, marketing and

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Who Can Afford Senior Living?

It is hard not to notice the civil rights movements and protests happening right now, here, in 2020. It’s a long overdue conversation, and more importantly, actual steps, that need to happen sooner rather than later to provide equality to all human beings regardless of their skin color.  Why does this matter to a senior

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Our Questions to Baby Boomers and Seniors During COVID-19

What are people aged 55-and-up thinking right now? While the world is reeling from COVID-19, we wanted to know how baby boomers and seniors are reacting to the ‘new normal’. We also asked them what they wished people really knew about being a senior adult.  Why are we asking senior adults these questions? Our agency

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Are Independent Living Leads Going Away?

If Independent Living is slipping, why are so many leads coming in? I’ve heard rumors and been on sales calls these past few weeks with senior living executives and I keep hearing over and over: we’re concerned the most about the impact on Independent Living from this pandemic. I thought it, too. Uh-oh: the face

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How We Elevate You: Crisis Communications and Senior Living Marketing

Crisis communications have become a dire need now more than ever for senior living operators due to the COVID-19 or coronavirus pandemic. Craft & Communicate is right there on the frontlines, assisting our communities with continuous communication, robust materials, and strategic public relations guidance. What exactly are we doing to assist our clients? Working with

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Our 1 Question to Baby Boomers and What We Found

What’s the one thing that is most important to you over the next 20 years? That’s what we asked baby boomers in our area and we received many answers. But why are we asking this question? Craft & Communicate is collecting answers directly from the next senior living generation so we can ensure we are

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Setting Up a Winning Email Marketing Campaign in Senior Living

How much time do you spend sifting through emails? To be completely truthful, it’s probably not your favorite part of the day. Sure, you have your preferred businesses and publishers who provide information you’re actually interested in, but if you’re like me, 90 percent of what you receive goes straight to Archive before even opening

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