Celebrating Craft & Communicate’s Fifth Birthday

In 2016, Rich and I set out to begin to change the face of senior living advertising. After working in senior living for a decade, and working with various web design and digital agencies throughout that time, I knew that something different was needed.

Something that focused on intense customer service.

Something that truly understood what it was like to go down the senior living journey.

Something that responded to the concerns of senior housing providers and something that in turn made their life easier and their communities happier and fuller.

What digital advertising and web development didn’t understand in 2016 was that it’s completely different to sell a product and a lifestyle. Marketing books and advertising classes focus on products. All best practice language focused on selling a tangible good.

Senior living is as far away from that as possible.

Yes, the fancy apartments are nice, and the fancy apartments do not – and will not – sell senior living. Not now, and not ever.

What we sell are relationships. We sell feelings. We sell empathy. We sell trust.

That’s what Craft & Communicate understood back in 2016, and that’s what we still stand by today.

Our business turns 5 on March 21, 2021, and our team – all of us – are meeting virtually to celebrate. 5 years ago, it was me and Rich, designing, developing, setting up digital ads, running email campaigns, negotiating advertising, filming testimonials, photographing communities, developing the story of senior living. We worked with 6 communities on day 1.

5 years later, we just signed on our 83rd community.

That’s 83 communities across the United States that we’re supporting through marketing, advertising, public relations, crisis communications, story development, and lifestyle engagement.

83 communities who chose us over the fancy shop, the digital gurus, the advertising mecca. 83 who have trusted us to build their brands, get them showing in search results, booking advertising, telling the story of who and why and how they can help seniors better their lives.

I say that we’re a senior living marketing firm. But we’re so much more, so much than any other agency offers.

We say yes. We dig in. We solve problems, many that don’t come close to our services. We answer the call, and we support.

This team of 13 who fill up Craft & Communicate also fill up my heart. We wouldn’t be the company we are today without their dedication and drive and their belief in improvement every single day.

Because everything we do is about seniors, my hope is that our support provides enough of a relief on operators that they can then focus on their people: their residents and their associates, and in turn, make their lives fuller and better.

My hope is that this year 5 is just the beginning.

To you 83: thank you for your trust in us.

With love,

Jen, Owner of Craft & Communicate

Jen | Owner

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