Present the Lifestyle, Not the Sale: Reach Your Communities’ Future Residents

What does your messaging look like to your target audience? In senior living, there are multiple people we focus on beyond residents. It could be adult caregivers, doctors’ offices, or local professionals who provide referrals.

With different people and therefore different messaging that we need to cater to, it can get confusing if our sales and marketing materials are designed without thinking about its value, its message, and its audience.

How can we combat this common problem in marketing while staying true to your community’s goals and representing value to your leads?

One Clear Message and One Clear Audience

In sales and marketing, our purpose is to provide an answer to someone’s question, whether it is through a product or service. But your materials, whether it’s an ad, flyer, or postcard, needs to be clear and succinct. If your flyer lists more than one call to action, for example, the messaging will be muddled rather than providing a clear answer to the senior’s question or solving their issue.

In today’s world, it takes only seconds to make an impact, and our greatest generation is no exception. In fact, within the next 10 years, our industry will be servicing baby boomers, a generation that is growing with our current technology.

While you have the viewer’s attention, convey one clear message of value to them. It not only shows you have their interests in mind, but it also shows respect for their time.

When you are planning your marketing initiatives, it is beneficial to think of only one audience per flyer or event. If it is seniors, think of your favorite current resident and their wants and needs. If it is an adult caregiver, what are their pain points that you can assuage for them? If it’s networking professionals, what can you do to get them in the door?

Once you have your person in mind, you’ll be able to convey the value of your messaging more appropriately rather than trying to cater to multiple audiences.

Present the Lifestyle, Not the Sale

In senior living, we are in the business of people. When you are creating your marketing plans, remember who you are trying to reach and what their current issues are. Then, paint the picture of what their lifestyle, or their loved ones, could be like at a senior living community.

An adult caregiver must be feeling stressed and overwhelmed with their parent who has Alzheimer’s. Why not design a flyer advertising your monthly support groups in your community?

If we are trying to reach seniors, why not share with them how your unique lifestyles director plans tai chi classes or wine tastings every month?

We can learn to listen and then present how we can positively impact their life. It is better than hearing them and then following up with a quick sales pitch.

Remember who you are catering to and the value your community brings, and the marketing materials or events you brainstorm about will flow naturally.

Spread Your Message with Craft & Communicate

We are a senior living advertising, marketing, and public relations senior living agency with a goal to reach people authentically with honest, direct messaging. Has there been a message you have been trying to convey to your seniors, their families, or associates? Let us know!

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