Why You Need a Privacy Policy for Your Website

Let’s talk about privacy policies on senior living websites. As dull as it may sound, privacy policies are important not only to companies who provide them but also to your consumers. 

While it is federal law to provide a privacy policy on your senior housing site, it should be just as important to you the operator to show your site visitors that you care about transparency, their security, and how you are using their data. 

So, What is a Privacy Policy?

If you are collecting and consuming visitor’s data on your website, you should have a privacy policy. Most websites have a link located at the bottom of their site for easy access if visitors wanted to learn more. 

The policy is a legal statement that shares with the visitor what information about them your website gathers, what you do with that information, and whether it is shared with third parties or not. If there are any tools you use for analytics on your site, it should be included in your privacy policy.

Why companies gather this information can vary from personalizing content toward services or products that matter most to the consumer or for site troubleshooting purposes.

Privacy Policies and Senior Living

Every website gathering consumer data should have a privacy policy. The senior living industry is no different. With a privacy policy, you are telling your consumers that you value their security and protection as they interact with your website. 

Many senior living operators wish to know more about their site visitors and what matters to them. And when family members or seniors themselves visit your site to look at your communities, they may want to provide you their contact information to learn more. 

When site visitors willingly provide their information to you, we should not take that lightly!

With transparency and simplicity in your language to your visitors, you are telling them that they can trust you with their information as they navigate your websites. 

If you are looking to elevate your community sites, ask a senior living digital team who does it all! We are happy to speak with you about your goals and what your website needs to rise above the rest. 

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