Was Your Senior Living Website Designed for Robots or People?

Are you building a website for robots or people? It is a thought-provoking question when you are in the early stages of planning a website, whether it is for your company, community, or both. A digital marketing team like Craft & Communicate is always thinking of the best results, such as your site’s responsiveness with Google or Bing and peoples’ reception to visiting it.

Are they engaging with your content and filling out web lead forms? How long are they on your website? Is there a way to make it better?

These are the questions we answer and analyze for you, so you are providing the best web results for your different audiences, whether they are a lead, a resident or otherwise.

After we signed with our biggest client to date in 2019, we went straight to work on building, optimizing, and measuring their website as well as their 35 community sites. Once all the sites were live, which was 300 pages total, we immediately saw positive results: higher engagement and time on the sites, higher number of forms filled out, and a higher number of visitors.

If your website was made without your audience in mind, it can feel out of touch or tone-deaf to your web visitors. If you build your website just for people, you may not be meeting technical requirements for a successful website and reaching as many as you could by not hitting Google’s optimization recommendations and rules.

The best solution, and what we firmly stand by, is to design your website for robots and people. How do we do it?

  • SEO and User Experience

Search engine optimization and the user experience can cater to both search engines’ needs and peoples’ needs if done correctly. We ensure we are meeting our audience’s needs while optimizing the content and structure of each page with measurable data that will deliver results. Keeping the user experience and SEO in mind behind each decision for your website will ensure we are meeting Google’s SEO standards while answering a user’s questions.

  • Lead Confidence

When you are building your website for both robots and people, you are reaching the most success with your site. Lead confidence is a direct result of visitors staying on your site longer because the content is speaking to them and is helping them. There is nothing better than establishing trust from a potential lead because we could answer their question about anything senior housing!

  • Analytics

No website can be successful without measuring its metrics not just one time but periodically throughout its existence. Our web team uses powerful tools like screencast analytics and Google Analytics to ensure our clients’ websites are successful while staying abreast of the latest trends, which change daily. With this real-time data and insight, we are able to modify a page that isn’t showing as much engagement as it could or suggest new content that your target audience is searching for on the web.

It is Always About People

At the end of the day, a website’s goal should be to serve the people you want to reach while also meeting the technical ever-changing requirements of the world wide web. This can be done with great data tracking, testimonials from actual residents, accessible secure websites that are easy to navigate, and a dedicated marketing team who has your back 24/7. The whole package can translate into actual results like longer engagement and higher lead conversions.

It’s simple. We focus on the numbers that matter to your success. Reach out to our digital marketing team dedicated entirely to senior living for more information!

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