2023 Report on Marketing Qualified Leads for Senior Living Communities

Picture yourself telling your team that over 90% of the digital leads from your community website were qualified at your next sales and marketing meeting.

Imagine how that would feel and what it would do for your community.

Craft & Communicate can help you make this happen. In the world of senior living marketing, our team’s unwavering dedication to delivering strategic communications has helped our clients succeed in an ever-changing market. We provide informative and engaging content that resonates with our senior living clients’ target audiences, with a natural increase in qualified leads.

Craft and Communicate | Senior living marketing strategy meeting
Our team’s unwavering dedication to delivering strategic communications helps our senior living community clients succeed.

This 2023 report we developed from actual data offers a glimpse into our efforts to understand the dynamics of web form leads and chat leads in this complex landscape. We also dive into the numbers we discovered further in the blog – yes, more than 90% of web form leads were qualified! Read on to find out more.

Understanding the Metrics: Web Form Leads and Chat Leads

First, let’s go over potential types of digital leads.

In senior living digital marketing, two distinct avenues for organic lead generation stand out: web form leads and chat leads. Understanding the differences between these two types of leads is crucial for crafting effective marketing strategies.

Web Form Leads

Web form leads, characterized by their commitment and willingness to provide genuine contact details, play a vital role in building a robust marketing toolbox. These leads are the cornerstone for establishing meaningful, long-term relationships with potential senior living residents and their families. Their high qualification rate ensures that marketing efforts are laser-focused on those most likely to convert, making them a valuable asset for any senior living marketer.

Chat Leads

Chat leads bring their unique strengths to the marketer’s toolbox—their immediacy and ability to engage with potential clients anytime provide initial interactions and inquiry opportunities. By further nurturing and qualifying these leads, marketers can leverage their quantity to identify individuals genuinely interested in senior living options.

Working Together: A Synergistic Approach

The true power of web form leads and chat leads emerges when these two avenues harmonize. Senior living marketers can create a comprehensive lead generation strategy combining quality and quantity by strategically integrating web forms for in-depth inquiries and chatbots for immediate engagement.

Web form leads bring the assurance of high qualification. And chat leads provide the initial touchpoints that can be cultivated into valuable relationships.

Together, they form a dynamic duo in the marketer’s toolbox, enabling the generation of a substantial number of qualified leads for senior living communities. This synergistic approach highlights the importance of balance and diversity in lead generation strategies, ultimately leading to success in your marketing efforts.

Diving into The Report

C&C analyzed 5,500 digital leads from January to September 2023 in our report.

  • Traditional Classification:
    • We reclassified web form leads to gain deeper insights – “Qualified” or “Unqualified.”
    • We considered chatbot interactions separately.
  • The New Breakdown:
    • The revised webform lead percentages are as follows:
      • Qualified: 91.1%
      • Unqualified: 8.9%
  • We also analyzed the overall lead distribution, including both web form and chat leads:
    • Chat Leads: 71.33%
    • Web form Leads: 28.67%

The Power of Qualified Leads

Our metrics show that 91.1% of web form leads qualify as potential senior living residents or family members seeking information. This reclassification allowed us to recognize the incredible value of web form leads in our marketing strategy.

Our exploration into the metrics surrounding web form leads and chat leads underscores the importance of focusing on lead quality.

Our Dedication to Quality Leads

Craft & Communicate’s strategic focus on web form leads has yielded remarkable results. The shift in lead classification has shed light on the outstanding quality of these leads, emphasizing the importance of authentic contact information in senior living marketing.

As we continue with our approach, we remain dedicated to helping our senior living clients thrive in the digital age, one qualified lead at a time.


If you’d like to learn more about how we approach senior living marketing, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are always happy to help.

Jen Malloy | Craft & Communicate

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