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It's no secret that the news media plays a significant role in our society. It can shape public opinion, convey helpful information, and continue to be a powerful force in influencing the general public’s perception of senior living. That's why we’re thankful for the following organizations that have highlighted our dedication to the work we do in senior living marketing and PR.

Craft & Communicate | Senior living marketing team in meeting led by Jen
Jen Malloy of Craft & Communicate On the Most Effective Strategy for Growing Your Clientele

Today we’ve got the honor of introducing you to Jen Malloy. We think you’ll enjoy our conversation, we’ve shared it below. .... Continue reading

Craft & Communicate | Jen Malloy's interview with the Dave and Barry Show
Jen Malloy is on the Dave and Barry Show

Our very own Jennifer Malloy sat down with Dave and Barry from FURTHER to talk digital marketing, SEO, and senior living public relations before going through fun rapid-fire questions. Click the link to watch!

Craft and Communicate | Jen Malloy
3 Ways to Increase Lead Generation in Senior Living

Is marketing and obtaining qualified leads for your senior living communities a round-the-clock task? .... Continue reading

Blair Burney | Craft & Communicate
From panic to poise: Mastering crisis communications and earning trust in senior living

As a veteran in the senior living industry since 2015, I have come to understand the ebb and flow of its challenges and triumphs. .... Continue reading

Hear from the lead generation experts of our senior living marketing and public relations agency.

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