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We like to make everything as simple and understandable as possible. So, in plain English and no jargon, below is Craft & Communicate’s privacy policy.

Under federal law, we must disclose how we obtain, use, and share your information. This information is important to us and we take it seriously! We’ll be as transparent as possible while protecting your data.

Why Do We Gather Data?

We keep it simple: we want to ensure we’re providing useful, entertaining, and informational content for you on our site.

What We Gather

We place forms on our website to collect information about senior audiences for educational purposes only. If you would like to complete the form, we will store:

Your Name

(if provided – you can choose not to provide)

Your Email

(if provided – you can choose not to provide)

Your Message

In the Form

And that’s it!

If you also sign up for the C&C newsletter, the same information will be stored in MailChimp. MailChimp allows us to view when you opened our newsletter and your interactions such as clicks. This information can help us determine which content is actually helpful for our consumers.

How do you retrieve my information?

While visiting our website, C&C uses Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and HotJar to improve your experience with us. The only information we retrieve is minimal and does not specifically identify yourself other than the information you voluntarily share with us.

These tools allow us to view what visitors interact with on the site and what they don’t. *Once you exit our site, that’s it! We will never track you!* Your privacy is of vital importance to us, so we will never provide any of the data we collect to third parties.

Should you email us directly, we will store your information and it will be securely confined for C&C employees only. Again, we will never share your information to other third parties!


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