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Digital marketing for senior living could mean so many things, and here’s what we mean when we say it:

  • Blogging that uses the keywords people are actually Googling (thereby increasing your SEO), digital ads in Google, Bing, Facebook, and more, email marketing to your leads, referral sources, residents and families, and regular updates to your websites.
  • Cohesive messaging in all avenues that aligns with your marketing plans
  • Strategic keywords and bids to ensure you’re beating the competition
  • Regular, consistent updates to all ads and keywords
  • Geotargeting, geofencing and remarketing services to attract leads in your target area
  • Email marketing management and creation
  • Welcome emails, drip emails, and consistent marketing emails
  • Blogs written with your target audience (and their search term keywords) in mind
  • All senior living digital marketing services are included in our affordable monthly retainers
Craft & Communicate | Digital marketing

Solve your marketing needs with Craft & Communicate's digital marketing services, keeping you updated on the latest trends while crafting a compelling message.

Craft & Communicate | Rich Malloy talks about digital marketing solutions for senior living communities

Hear from the lead generation experts of our senior living digital marketing agency.

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