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This is your chance to get your message out without it sounding like a marketing spiel.

Senior public relations, reputation management, search engine optimization, and crisis communications are the most important part of your marketing package, and it’s what we spend most of our time doing. Marketing solutions are effective only when people trust you to begin with; public relations stories are what build trust. Seeing your community mentioned for their volunteering efforts on the nightly news will bring more qualified, ready buyers into your community than any ad you purchase, period. Public relations for senior living builds trust, and that is at the heart of everything we do.

  • Proactive public relations stories sent regularly to senior housing, local and national sources
  • Stories crafted around your residents and the activities in your community
  • Releases based on new senior housing developments and construction, new hires, company-wide initiatives, and more
  • Crisis communications by a full-time senior living PR team with over a decade of experience working in senior housing
  • All public relations and crisis communications management fees included in our affordable monthly retainers
Craft & Communicate | Public relations

The seniors we’ve represented have been featured on local and national news stations and publications including PBS, CNN, USA Today, and Southern Living. They have even been retweeted by Vice President Kamala Harris.

Experience  Simplified  Public Relations for Senior Living.

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