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We’re hanging in there, and we hope you are, too.
COVID or not, this senior living advertising team is unbeatable.
Owners Rich & Jen Malloy have a combined 30 years experience in senior living marketing and web design & development. We believe deeply in honoring the lives of seniors, and recognize the need for responsible communication in both a B2B setting and for the senior audience themselves.


Jen Malloy, Owner, Craft & Communicate

Jen Malloy

Owner & Client Relations

Welcome! I’m Jen, the owner and the client relations manager for C&C. That’s right – you’ll never work with a sales person, or an assistant. You’ll work with me, from day 1. I’m committed to the absolute best customer service, and I work day and night to ensure your needs are always met.

I’ve worked in senior living marketing and creative services since 2006. At Brookdale and Sagora, I led marketing teams and managed designers, copywriters, and developers. I’ve named communities, led all branding campaigns, created community identities, logos, content, and public relations efforts while working with sales teams, lifestyle directors, architects, interior designers, and much more.

Previously, I was lucky enough to work with Dr. Roger Rosenberg, a leading Alzheimer’s researcher and neurologist at UT Southwestern Medical Center, planning his annual medical conferences. This was one of my first post-college jobs and his commitment to finding a cure still resonates with me to this day.

Founding Craft & Communicate in 2016 gave me the opportunity to be incredibly selective about the senior housing operators we did business with. Who is actually changing this industry? Which companies are led by heart? Who is committed to advancing senior living and in turn advancing the people around them? Those clients are who we’ve sought to work with since day one.

Today, Craft & Communicate continues to provide the best customer service, design innovative, story-focused print and digital campaigns, and create engaging websites. We connect with people through our public relations initiatives, and we do it all with senior adults at our heart.

Rich Malloy

Owner & Strategy

Rich is the brains and the muscle behind C&C. He leads our team, he requires accountability, and he demands excellence, all with a huge heart. You’ll meet Rich from time to time, but for the most part, he’ll be in the background, making sure everything is running smoothly.

Rich developed his first website in 2000. Much has changed in the web development industry since then, but what has not changed is Rich’s keen understanding of communication and craft. He quickly cuts through excess information to get the cleanest and most concise message delivered.

Rich has created websites for various industries, Fortune 500 companies, and Mom & Pop businesses. Today, he takes this knowledge and his expertise in strategy to create brands and marketing developments for senior living companies nationwide. Rich is an expert at applying business ideas to the real world, coming up with innovative campaigns for our clients, and helping them to achieve their business goals.

He leads our team of designers, developers and writers, and initiates successful campaigns and strategies for each of our senior living and senior-focused clients.

Rich Malloy, Craft & Communicate

Our team includes leaders in Public Relations, Digital Management, and Award-Winning Designers.




Public RElations

C&C Content and PR Specialist in Senior Living Blair Burney


Director of Public Relations
& Content


Craft & Communicate | Jess


Director of Design &
Creative Services

Craft & Communicate | Lauren


Digital & Print Designer


Digital & Print Designer

Simi | Designer



Joe | Designer



Web Development


Back End Web Developer &
API Specialist
Craft & Communicate | Jeff


Front End Web Developer

We work very closely with videographers, photographers, virtual tour creators, competitive analysts and mystery shoppers if recommendations are needed.

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