How We Elevate You: Crisis Communications and Senior Living Marketing

Crisis communications have become a dire need now more than ever for senior living operators due to the COVID-19 or coronavirus pandemic. Craft & Communicate is right there on the frontlines, assisting our communities with continuous communication, robust materials, and strategic public relations guidance.

What exactly are we doing to assist our clients?

  • Working with Sales and Marketing Directors to send statements to leads, residents, families, referral partners, employees and others involved in their business.
  • Ensuring they are at the forefront of the news as a leader among the latest COVID-19 developments in senior living publications and local outlets.
  • Developing print and digital materials with different messaging, such as offering virtual tours or providing information on community relief initiatives. Despite difficult times, communities are looking for ways to help and connect with their local areas such as providing meals to seniors in need or asking neighbors to send letters and books to residents.
  • Staying up to date on social media pages or assisting Lifestyle and Sales Directors with timely posts, whether it’s Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, or other handles.
  • Monitoring all digital activity (web, social, email marketing, etc.) to ensure consistent and constant messaging is sent to those who matter – your leads, residents, family members, referral partners, and more.

also taken a step back to process what this industry has done in response to
COVID-19. Across the board in all our clients – 70 communities through multiple
providers across the nation total – we’ve seen a strong response with an
undeniable spirit that we can win because we love our seniors. And despite the
social distancing rule, we stick together and continue to enrich lives, just
like our senior living communities.

Looking at the Senior Living Industry as Family

COVID-19 is undoubtedly an awful time for the world. With that, however, we are in awe of how our people have come together to fight it as one.

Our communities remain happy and engaging with small group activities practicing proper social distancing. There is entertainment every single day with snacks, smiles, and sunshine. We continue to operate as a family would, caring for residents no matter what.

a look at senior living community Facebook pages, at the photos and videos of
residents interacting with their family members safely, whether it’s digital
tools like FaceTime or handheld signs or even visits through windows.

This industry could have taken a toll because of this time of crisis. Instead, we all have risen together to fight it with constant monitoring of the latest protocols, aggressive vigilance and transparent communication with everyone involved in our industry.

Not only that, but operators, specifically the teams on the community level, are fighting to maintain normalcy in their residents’ lives.  

We’re Here for You

We’re there with you. We feel your struggle, and we want to help, whether it is for COVID-19 or as a proactive measure for the future.

If you are experiencing a need for crisis public relations or marketing assistance, look no further than Craft & Communicate. We’re here for you because we are in this together.

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